Vanier Institute Update: February 2016

What’s New The Current State of Military Family Research by Heidi Cramm, Deborah Norris, Linna Tam-Seto, Maya Eichler and Kimberley Smith-Evans. Article, guest post (1,300 words). (Still) Eating Together: The Culture of the Family Meal [...]

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(Still) Eating Together: The Culture of the Family Meal

Paul Fieldhouse For most Canadians, eating is a daily event so routine, so ordinary that it is taken for granted. But it is also a central part of social relationships and cultural rituals, as well [...]

Supporting Canada’s Military and Veteran Families

Leaders from business, community organizations, government, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and military and Veteran families gathered in Ottawa at the Canadian War Museum on January 29 for the second annual meeting of the Canadian [...]

Community and Business Leaders Making a Difference for Canadian Military Families

Diverse, resilient and strong, Canada’s military and Veteran families are a source of pride for the country and are an essential part of our nation’s family landscape. Today, military and Veteran families and leaders from [...]

The Current State of Military Family Research

Heidi Cramm, Deborah Norris, Linna Tam-Seto, Maya Eichler, and Kimberley Smith-Evans Since the 1990s, the nature, frequency, and intensity of military operations have shifted, and these shifts have, in turn, had an impact on the families of Canada’s military [...]

Welcome to the new Transition!

Throughout its 45-year history, Transition magazine has been a signature publication of the Vanier Institute, providing a forum for researchers, educators, students, journalists, family-service workers, policy-makers and parents to enhance their understanding of the diversity [...]

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Modern Relationships, Birth, Flexible Work Arrangements (Transition, Vol. 45 No. 4)

Just as families continually evolve and adapt to their ever-changing environments, Transition magazine is undergoing an evolution of its own. Starting in January 2016, it will become a fully digital publication that will maintain its reputation as an engaging [...]