Understanding the Impact of Fort McMurray Wildfires on Foreign National Family Caregivers

The recent wildfire in northern Alberta, which began in early May and has only recently been brought under control, has had a profound impact on Fort McMurray and its surrounding communities. Approximately 2,400 buildings were [...]

The Vanier Institute Announces New Appointments to Its Board of Directors

The Vanier Institute of the Family is pleased to announce four new appointments to its Board of Directors. Rina Arseneault, Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, Bruce Hardy and Norma Tombari have joined the Vanier Board. Donald Benham [...]

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Timeline: Fifty Years of Men, Work and Family in Canada

Over the past half century, fatherhood in Canada has undergone a significant evolution as men are increasingly sharing the “breadwinning” role, embracing caring responsibilities and integrating their responsibilities at home, at work and in their [...]

Modern Fathers Reshaping the Work–Family Relationship

Nathan Battams Canada’s “family landscape” is constantly evolving, with social, economic, cultural and environmental forces shaping and redefining family roles and relationships. Fatherhood is no exception, and today’s increasingly diverse 8.6 million dads in Canada [...]

Vanier Institute Update: June 2016

What’s New Timeline: Fifty Years of Women, Work and Family in Canada. What’s in a Name? Defining Family in a Diverse Society by Alan Mirabelli. Article, guest post (1,300 words). Public Policy Brief – Flex: [...]

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Intergenerational Relations and Societal Change

Donna S. Lero, Ph.D. In order to better understand families’ experiences and aspirations, it is crucial to understand the context in which families and their individual members live. Families are society’s most adaptable institution, constantly [...]

Public Policy Brief – Flex: From a Privilege to a Right

Sara MacNaull Working family members are multi-taskers, managing a variety of responsibilities at home, at work and in their communities. While family members demonstrate a great deal of adaptability in managing multiple roles, they benefit [...]