Timeline: Fifty Years of Women, Work and Family in Canada

While mothers in Canada have always played a central role in family life, there’s no question that the social, economic, cultural and environmental contexts that shape – and are shaped by – motherhood have evolved [...]

Vanier Institute Update: May 2016

What’s New My Caregiving Journey by Katherine Arnup, Ph.D. Guest post (1,200 words). It’s Time to Care for Our (Young) Carers by Andrea Breen. Article, guest post (1,300 words). Joining the Family: My Student Placement [...]

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Language, Labels and “Lone Parents”

Victoria Bailey Lone parent, single parent, one-parent family, independent parent, non-married parent, alone parent, autonomous parent: the words or terms used to identify, or self-identify, adults who parent independently are diverse and subjective, and they have evolved over [...]

Supporting Dads: Paternity Leave and Benefits in Canada

Sara MacNaull When a new baby joins the family, family members often shift their focus from their multiple responsibilities to care for their children. Those first few days, weeks and months are a special time [...]

Review: The Importance of Being Little

The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups Erika Christakis New York, NY: Penguin, 2016 In a complex and competitive world, parents increasingly face pressures to set their children up for success [...]

Joining the Family: My Student Placement Experience, Part 1

The Vanier Institute of the Family engages post-secondary undergraduates to post-doctoral students through academic placements, internships and projects. The Institute recently welcomed Algonquin College Professional Writing student Monique Veselovsky, who will be putting her skills [...]

It’s Time to Care for Our (Young) Carers

Andrea Breen When I type the words “Millennials are” into Google, four options pop up: “Millennials are lazy,” “Millennials are useless,” “Millennials are entitled” and “Millennials are narcissistic.” What doesn’t pop up is a search [...]