Reimagining Care/Work Policies

The Vanier Institute has partnered with Brock University, and over 30 other partners (mainly non-profit, charitable, community and government) and 50 co-investigators and collaborators, to work on a seven-year program focused on Reimagining Care/Work Policies: Towards Equitable, Inclusive Family Futures. The project team includes leading researchers from across Canada and around the world. The team will study how programs and policies (especially childcare, parental leave and employment policies) impact the everyday lives and the well-being of diverse Canadian families, including Indigenous, racialized, newcomer, solo-parent, LGBTQI2S and low-income families.

The Vanier Institute’s role in this project is:

Research partner

This project will enhance our understandings of:

  • How current Canadian childcare, parental leave and employment policies are structured, financed and delivered, and what we can learn from national and international research
  • What impacts Canadian policies have on how diverse families live, work and care for their children, and what we can learn from their lived experiences
  • The approaches and data needed to measure the effectiveness and inclusiveness of these family policies
  • What the best policy mixes are for Canada’s diverse families with young children


A $2.5 million grant was received from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), through their Partnership Grant program, which supports formal partnerships between academic researchers and a range of community, non-profit, public sector and private sector partners. The project also raised 117% matching funds from partnering organizations.

Project Timeline

The project will span from 2020 to 2027.

Project Lead

  • Andrea Doucet, PhD, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Gender, Work and Care (Principal Investigator, Project Director, Co-Founder)

Project Co-Founders (and Co-Investigators)

  • Martha Friendly, Executive Director, Childcare Research and Resource Unit (lead community partner)
  • Donna Lero, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Guelph
  • Susan Prentice, PhD, Duff Roblin Professor of Government, University of Manitoba

Project Staff

  • Jennifer Turner, Project Manager
  • Ashley Do Nascimento, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator

Vanier Lead

  • Nora Spinks, CEO and Team Lead, Vanier Institute of the Family

For more information

Brock University’s project announcement can be accessed here.


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