Retention Policy

Digital Content Retention

The Vanier Institute of the Family (the “Institute”) is committed to ensuring that authority is delegated to the proper individuals for purposes of ensuring online material adheres to this policy at all times.

The Policy on Digital Content Retention (the “policy”) is intended to serve to identify the Institutes’ retention policy surrounding online activities and the conditions under which it operates the website(s), digital assets and online content.

Terms and Conditions

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the Vanier Institute of the Family does not commit to retaining content online for any period of time. The purpose of online material is to educate and inform. Material retention is to facilitate research and information access; it is neither to set up nor to provide archives, unless explicitly stated. The Institute is, however, committed, to quality information management and documentation, however, differentiates this commitment from the maintenance of particular materials on its online fora.

The Institute reserves the right to maintain or remove posts, comments and articles at any time.


The CEO is authorized to maintain daily operations and thus has the sole authority to implement and enforce this policy at his/her discretion.

Last Reviewed: February 2019
Last Revised: February 2019
Approved: February 28, 2019
Review Cycle: Bi-annually
Next Planned Review: 2021

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