Families Count 2024: new resource on family structure now available


Families Count 2024 is now available


About the Vanier Institute of the Family

The Vanier Institute of the Family is a national, independent think tank committed to enhancing family wellbeing by making information about families accessible and actionable. Positioned at the centre of networks of researchers, educators, policymakers, and organizations with an interest in families, we share evidence and strengthen the understanding of families in Canada, in all their diversities, to support evidence-based decisions that promote family wellbeing.

Our mission

To advance the understanding of wellbeing of families in Canada in all their diversities, recognizing that families are at the core of a healthy and inclusive society.

Our vision

A Canada that recognizes and supports the central role of families in society and invests in strengthening and being inclusive of their diverse expressions.

Our values


We share rigorous, non-partisan, knowledge-based information that is informed by evidence.

Diversity and inclusion

We recognize and foster the contributions, presence, and perspectives of different groups of people.


We monitor current issues facing diverse families in Canada and provide accessible and timely information resources for knowledge users.

Capacity development

We invest in building skills and experience among family scholars.


We engage with knowledge creators and knowledge users to encourage and promote new understandings of diverse family experiences and to motivate policy change.

Our Theory of Change

So that every family in Canada is recognized, supported, and celebrated, we:

Mobilize credible and accurate information about family wellbeing in Canada
Build capacity of scholars and emerging professionals to support the study of families in Canada
Deepen our relationships with media, government, and academics
Develop meaningful connections to amplify the voices of groups that represent marginalized identities
Engage policymakers and advocate for inclusive and equitable policies for all families
Promote a broad range of perspectives among Board and staff through diversity and representation practices aligned with our values
Centre our mission and values when telling our own story

The Vanier team

The Vanier team is composed of a small group of professional staff supported by a national Board of Directors.

Programs and partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships are central to our approach. We engage and work with organizations and people from academia, the charitable sector, government, labour, and diverse communities to support family wellbeing. This allows us to leverage our respective strengths, enhance our capacity, and extend our reach.

Reimagining care/work policies

A research program committed to expanding possibilities
for policies, practices, and meanings of care/work for families in Canada.

60 years of the Vanier Institute

Every family has its own unique history. The same is true of the Vanier Institute of the Family, which has been studying families and family life across Canada for nearly 60 years.