The Vanier Institute of the Family is a national, independent, charitable organization dedicated to understanding the diversity and complexity of families and the reality of family life in Canada. Through publications, research initiatives, presentations and social media, the Institute works to enhance the national understanding of how families interact with, have an impact on and are affected by social, economic, environmental and cultural forces.

The Vanier Institute is an evidence-based teaching and learning organization. We are a national resource for anyone interested in or involved with families in Canada. Through our publications, presentations and Web resources, we provide a wealth of information about families and family life, family experiences, expectations and aspirations.

By analyzing data, synthesizing information, organizing resources and mobilizing knowledge, we continually increase our understanding of families in Canada. We facilitate and engage in conversations, we collect stories from families and people who work with families or study family life, and we identify leading and promising practices in communities, organizations and workplaces.

We use a “family lens” to explore a wide spectrum of topics, since there are few things in life that don’t affect – or aren’t affected by – our circles of kinship. We analyze data from our surveys and projects and from other sources, including Statistics Canada and our research and community partners. We synthesize this information and share evidence-based insights with those who study, serve and support families. We organize resources and mobilize knowledge at events, online and in the media. We facilitate conversations at “listening/learning events” and “speaking/teaching events,” such as kitchen table dialogues, round tables, community engagement events, conferences and webinars.

Please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website to view our registered charity information return.

“The Vanier Institute of the Family can be compared to a Royal Commission established to investigate and learn all there is to know about the families of Canada in a world of change. But since the need for knowledge and study will continue as long as we inhabit the globe, this Royal Commission will never be discharged.”

– General The Right Honourable Georges P. Vanier, 1966

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