Research Snapshot: Overwork, Remote Work, and Gendered Dual Devotion to Work and Family

Summary of a study on how dual devotion differs based on gender

March 5, 2024

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Devotion to family and devotion to work used to be seen as an either-or scenario. More employees are now saying it is possible to be dedicated to both. The rise in the number of women working full-time and the introduction of flex time and remote work support this ideal of a worker and a parent who can “do it all.”

This study examines how devotion to family and to work are being adopted by men and women that may reproduce cultures of overwork, and how dual devotion differs based on gender.

This research builds on our growing understanding of the Family Work component of the Vanier Institute’s Family Diversities and Wellbeing Framework.

de Laat, K. (2023, October 23). Living to work (from home): Overwork, remote work, and gendered dual devotion to work and family. Work and Occupations. Advance online publication.

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