Families Count 2024: new resource on family structure now available


Families Count 2024 is now available


Families Count 2024

Vanier Institute’s new resource explores three decades of change, continuity, and complexity among families in Canada. Released during the International Year of the Family’s 30th anniversary, Families Count 2024 provides statistical portraits of families in Canada, highlights trends over time, and offers insights on what it all means for families and family life.


The Families Count 2024 Team

The Vanier Institute of the Family is a national, independent think tank committed to enhancing family wellbeing by making information about families accessible and actionable. Positioned at the centre of networks of researchers, educators, policymakers, and organizations with an interest in families, we share evidence and strengthen the understanding of families in Canada, in all their diversities, to support evidence-based decisions that promote family wellbeing.

The Families Count 2024 project is a highlight of the Vanier Institute’s Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs (UNDESA) International Year of the Family. This milestone anniversary encourages us to consider how social, cultural, economic, and political forces shape diverse families and family experiences. Families Count 2024 shines a light on continuity and change among families since the inaugural International Year of the Family in 1994, and how these patterns may or may not be reflected in the policy arena. It is the fifth edition of an evidence-informed resource that draws on current statistics to create a picture of families and family life in Canada.

We would like to recognize and thank the team who made this edition possible for their important contributions:

  • Nathan Battams, lead author
  • Margo Hilbrecht, editor
  • Claire Jiang, project manager
  • Emily Kenny, production support
  • Sophie Mathieu, project lead
  • Martin Settle, website support

For their essential work on the production of this resource, we would also like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:

  • Veronica and her team at Veronica Schami Editorial Services Inc., editing and translation
  • Denyse Marion at Arts & Facts Design Inc., layout and design