Families Count 2024: new resource on family structure now available

Families Count 2024 is now available


Families Count 2024

Vanier Institute’s new resource explores three decades of change, continuity, and complexity among families in Canada. Released during the International Year of the Family’s 30th anniversary, Families Count 2024 provides statistical portraits of families in Canada, highlights trends over time, and offers insights on what it all means for families and family life.

Families Count 2024

This publication from the Vanier Institute of the Family is the fifth in a series of similar resources issued by the institute since the first UN International Year of the Family, in 1994. This 30th anniversary edition is being released in an entirely online experience, and in print-ready, downloadable PDF files. While some elements of the formatting will appear different, the online and downloadable versions have the same content, including text, charts, footnotes, and references.

Families Count 2024 will be released in four stages. Each release will feature content exploring a section of the Families Diversity and Wellbeing Framework, and will be divided into multiple chapters. Downloadable files will be available for each full section, as well as each individual chapter. Once all four sections have been released, a PDF of the entire publication will be available here.

To browse the content online, use the table of contents on this page. You can expand each section by selecting the indicator:

Links to download either the entire section or the selected chapter can be found immediately under the title of each page.