Families Count 2024: new resource on family structure now available


Families Count 2024 is now available


Love and emotional nurturance

Emotional support and reassurance

  • Expressing care
  • Providing affection
  • Demonstrating commitment

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Infographics and factsheets / November 15, 2017

Facts and Stats: Families and Mental Health in Canada

At some point, most families find themselves affected by mental illness, whether it’s because a family member (or multiple family members) personally experiences a mental health condition or because they’re providing care to someone else – or both. With appropriate treatment and support, however, most people who experience a mental illness will recover,1 and families […]

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Articles / February 7, 2017

Supporting the Health of Mothers and Their Babies in the Context of Incarceration

Dr. Ruth Elwood Martin and Brenda Tole When a friend told Ruth Elwood Martin that there was a need for a part-time family physician to work in a women’s correctional centre, her immediate thought was that there was no way she could work in a prison clinic. She perceived that it was the lowest kind […]

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Research summaries / April 26, 2023

Research Snapshot: Family Victimization of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Canada

Highlights from a study about LGBTQ2S+ youth victimized by family

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Physical maintenance and care of family members