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Families Count 2024 is now available

March 31, 2023

Infographic: Employed Caregivers at Higher Risk of Negative Outcomes

Research on Aging, Policies and Practice has published new data on how caregiving affects employed Canadians.

March 31, 2023

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Employed caregivers contribute to their families’ wellbeing, workplaces, and society, but research shows that balancing paid employment with caregiving can affect the wellbeing of employees and their families.

In addition, new research from Research on Aging, Policies and Practice (RAPP)—a research centre based at the University of Alberta focused on the wellbeing of older adults and family/friend caregivers—shows that some are more vulnerable than others to negative outcomes to their wellbeing.

To increase awareness of these consequences, RAPP, in collaboration with the Vanier Institute and other project partners, has published a new infographic, Who are the employed caregivers at greatest risk of poor work-life balance and job insecurity?

This is the third in a series of infographics RAPP is releasing on caregiving in Canada. The other infographics can be found on the RAPP website, along with a library of resources on caregiving in Canada.

Co-created by Andrew Magnaye, Choong Kim, Jacquie Eales, and Janet Fast, this infographic provides updates to key indicators on working caregivers based on analyses of Statistics Canada’s 2018 General Social Survey on Caregiving and Care Receiving.

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