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Families Count 2024 is now available

November 28, 2022

VIDEO: Sophie Mathieu on Childcare in Quebec

A new video from Reimagining Care/Work describes childcare in Quebec

November 28, 2022

In a new video from the Reimagining Care/Work Policies research program, Vanier Institute Senior Program Specialist Sophie Mathieu, PhD, provides an updated overview of childcare in Quebec.

Since 1997, Quebec’s social policy regime—especially its affordable childcare program—has played an important role in supporting families and gender equality. With Canada’s new childcare plan now in development, many within government are citing Quebec’s childcare network as a successful model to follow. However, it is not without challenges.

Dr. Mathieu, who is also a Co-Investigator with this program, explains how Quebec’s childcare network works, what it gets right, and further adaptations that may be required as Canada develops its national childcare program.

This video was created by team members working on the Reimagining Care/Work Policies project, funded by a SSHRC Partnership Grant (Andrea Doucet, Principal Investigator), to support teaching and learning on family policy in Canada.

More information and learning materials—including a lesson guide, presentation, student handout, and transcript—are available on the Reimagining Care/Work Policies  website.