Transitions and Impact on Later Life (TRAILL)

TRAILL (TRansitions and Impact on Later Life) is a collaborative research project between the Vanier Institute of the Family and RAPP (Research on Aging, Policies, and Practice), a research centre led by Drs. Janet Fast and Norah Keating at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Research shows that family life-course transitions, such as caring for adults with long-term health conditions, can have a significant impact on the health, wealth and happiness of older adults. In a rapidly aging society such as Canada’s, research on life transitions and how they impact well-being can strengthen and facilitate the development of supports and services for families and communities across the country.

Vanier Institute’s Role

The Vanier Institute will engage in knowledge mobilization (KM) activities for this project, including participating in events where research will be shared and discussed, as well as sharing and promoting new research findings online. 

Project Focus
  • Conceptualizing and empirically examining family care trajectories across the life course
  • Testing the capacity of Canadian data to understand how different family care trajectories across the life course affect older adults’ health, wealth and happiness
  • Writing and publishing two research papers: a care trajectory conceptual paper and a care trajectory empirical paper. As these are developed, TRAILL researchers are submitting abstracts to a number of conferences globally as a means of knowledge mobilization.
Project Timeline

This project was completed in March 2019.

Project Leads

Norah Keating
Co-director, Research on Aging, Policies and Practice (RAPP)
University of Alberta

Jacquie Eales
Department of Human Ecology
University of Alberta

Learn More

More information about TRAILL is available on the RAPP website.

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