Webinar Content: Understanding the Parental Sharing Benefit and the Caregiving Benefits

Content from our May 14, 2019 webinar on the Parental Sharing Benefit and the Caregiving Benefits in Canada

Mother’s Day 2019: New Moms Older, More Likely to Be Employed Than in the Past

A statistical glance at the evolving relationship between women, work and family in Canada.

In Context: Understanding Maternity Care in Canada

A backgrounder publication exploring the evolving context of maternity care in Canada.

Modern Motherhood: The Unique Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities

There is very little research concerning pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood among women with physical disabilities and women with disabilities more broadly. While most women face a variety of social and emotional pressures to have children, research has found that women with disabilities have a very different experience, as they are often pressured not to have children.

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