Families in Canada Interactive Timeline

Learn about the evolution of families and family life in Canada over the past 50 years with our interactive timeline!

Census Releases Highlights Labour, Education, Commuting and Mobility

Today’s Census release explores labour, education, commuting and mobility in Canada.

Drs. Hollihan and Martin receive Mirabelli-Glossop Award for Work in Support of Military and Veteran Families

Drs. Hollihan and Martin are the recipients of the 2017 Mirabelli-Glossop Award.

School Counsellors Working with Military and Veteran Families

The CCPA and the Canadian Military and Veteran Families Leadership Circle have released a new resource, “School Counsellors Working with Military and Veteran Families.”

Perspectives: Test Anxiety Through a Student Lens

Shweta Govilkar shares her experiences with, and study of, test anxiety among students.