The Vanier Institute commissions and publishes in-depth papers written by Canadian experts on a wide range of topics of relevance to families in Canada. Our Contemporary Family Trends papers contribute to the discussion of important family issues by making current knowledge on families available to researchers, educators and students, businesses and social service agencies, media and other interested parties. Older editions and other archived resources are available upon request.


Family Perspectives: Death and Dying in Canada, Katherine Arnup (May 2018)

Young Carers in Canada: The Hidden Costs and Benefits of Young Caregiving, Grant Charles, Tim Stainton and Sheila Marshall (July 2012)

After the Nuclear Age?, Lois Harder (October 2011)

Changing Families, New Understandings, Meg Luxton (June 2011)

Families Count: Profiling Canada’s Families IV (October 2010)

Children and Cities: Planning to Grow Together, Juan Torres (October 2009)

“Caution! Kids at Play?” Unstructured Time Use among Children and Adolescents, Belinda Boekhoven (October 2009)

Rediscovering the Family Meal, Bernard Roy and Judith Petitpas (June 2008)

The Changing Culture of Parenting, Kerry Daly (May 2004)

Portraits of Fathers, Diane Dubeau (September 2002)

Aboriginal Family Trends: Extended Families, Nuclear Families, Families of the Heart, Marlene Brant Castellano (2002)