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Families Count 2024 is now available

January 26, 2023

Research Snapshot: Factors Influencing Parents’ Work-Life Balance Inside and Outside Quebec

Findings from a study on work-life balance among parents inside and outside Quebec

January 26, 2023

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Research has shown that raising children affects parents’ satisfaction with work-life balance, but how this plays out across different family structures and in different policy contexts—such as those found inside and outside Quebec—has been largely overlooked.

This Research Snapshot highlights findings from a study that compares parents’ satisfaction with work-life balance in Quebec with the rest of Canada. Using data from the General Social Survey, its authors identify broad differences in satisfaction reported by parents living in these two distinct cultures with differing family policy regimes.

This research builds on our growing understanding of the Family Work lens of the Vanier Institute’s Family Diversities and Wellbeing Framework.

Dilmaghani, M., & Tabvuma, V. (2022). Fragile families in Quebec and the fest of Canada: A comparison of parental work-life balance satisfaction. Population Research and Policy Review, 41, 695-728. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11113-021-09649-4