Fact Sheets

Vanier Institute fact sheets offer readers statistics and data on various family-related subjects in a single-page format. Each fact sheet is a straightforward and convenient resource for learning about families in Canada, providing statistics in a clear manner with hyperlinks to all cited sources. Fact sheets are updated periodically when new data is available (prior versions of updated fact sheets are archived, but are available upon request).


In Focus 2020: Caregiving to Older Canadians (February 2020)

In Focus 2020: Caregiver Support in Canada (January 2020)

In Focus 2020: Family Caregivers in Canada (January 2020)

Facts and Stats: Maternal Mental Health in Canada (October 2019)

Facts and Stats: Working Seniors in Canada (2019 Update) (October 2019)

In Focus 2019: Food Insecurity in Canada (September 2019)

House, Home and Family Finances (2019 Update) (August 2019)

In Focus 2019: Fathers “Making It Work” (June 2019)

In Focus 2019: Coupling, Uncoupling and Marital Status (May 2019)

In Focus 2019: Long-lasting Relationships in Canada (March 2019)

In Focus 2019: Living Alone in Canada (March 2019)

In Focus 2019: Couples Living Apart in Canada (February 2019)

In Focus 2019: Adults Living with Parents (February 2019)

In Focus 2019: Grandparents in Canada (February 2019)

In Focus: Senior Caregivers in Canada (February 2019)

Divorce, Separation and Uncoupling in Canada (July 2018)

Indigenous Families in Canada (June 2018)

In Focus: Senior Caregivers in Canada (March 2018)

Seniors and Family Finances in Canada (November 2017)

Families and Mental Health in Canada (November 2017)

Families and Active Leisure in Canada (2017 Update) (July 2017)

Multiple Births in Canada (2017 Update) (May 2017)

50 Years of Families in Canada (August 2016)

House and Home in Canada (2016 Update) (July 2016)

Volunteering in Canada (April 2016)

Modern Couples in Canada (December 2015)

Access to Medical Doctors (September 2015)

Births, Fertility and Contraception in Canada (March 2015)

Nutrition in Canada (June 2014)

Commuting in Canada (February 2014)

Separation and Divorce in Canada (December 2013)

Living Apart, Together: LAT Couples in Canada (Fascinating Families) (December 2013)

Young Caregivers in Canada (Fascinating Families) (November 2013)

Family Businesses (November 2013)

Immigrant Families at Work in Canada (November 2013)

It Takes a Village: A Snapshot of Child Care in Canada (Fascinating Families) (July 2013)

Time to Eat? Eating Patterns of Canadians (Fascinating Families) (May 2013)

Counting Sheep – Sleep Patterns in Canada (Fascinating Families) (April 2013)

Same-Sex Couples Raising Children (Fascinating Families) (March 2013)

E-Connections: Using Technology to Keep in Touch (Fascinating Families) (February 2013)