The Vanier Institute of the Family offers an extensive list of publications and resources for reading online. Whether you are looking for a research study, quick statistics, short commentaries on current affairs or articles from those who study, serve and support families, you’ll find it here.

Publications are listed below by resource type. All of our publications are available to download electronically free of charge.

Statistical Snapshots

Statistical Snapshots compile research on select topics, providing readers with concise and visually-engaging portraits of families, family life and family experiences in Canada.


Vanier Institute articles and blog posts share evidence-based insights from those who study, serve and support families, as well as people with lived experience, on diverse topics related to families and family life.

Infographics and Timelines

Our infographics and timelines provide quick, at-a-glance statistical overviews of  topics and trends affecting families, with a focus on diversity and evolution across generations.

Facts and Stats

Our fact sheets provide readers with information on a variety of topics – a straightforward and convenient resource for learning about families and family life that provides statistics in a clear manner.

Modern Family Finances

Family Finances publications provide information and insight on the financial well-being of families, with data on income and expenditures, savings and debt, and wealth and net worth.

Families in Canada
Interactive Timeline

An online resource (desktop only) highlighting long-term trends on diverse topics such as parenthood, work–life, health and family care.


Policy Monitor

An up-to-date listing of announcements about federal and provincial policies and programs that are related to (or otherwise have an impact on) families and family life in Canada.

Military and Veteran Families

A collection of all Vanier Institute publications and resources related to military and Veteran families in Canada.

Reports (Archive)

A select collection of Family Perspectives and archived Contemporary Family Trends reports published by the Vanier Institute over the years.

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