Margo Hilbrecht joins the Vanier Institute as Executive Director

Vanier Institute of the Family appoints Margo Hilbrecht, PhD, as Executive Director.

February 14, 2022

The Vanier Institute of the Family is pleased to announce the appointment of Margo Hilbrecht, PhD, as Executive Director.

Dr. Hilbrecht is a family scholar. She completed her PhD in Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo, where she studied time use of families in Canada. Her research on families and the wellbeing consequences of non-standard work types and schedules contributed to her being awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal for Academic Excellence.

During her postdoctoral work with the Centre for Families, Work and Well-being at the University of Guelph, she further expanded our understanding of families and work, illustrating how experiences of self-employment may affect the quality of family time.

As Associate Director, Research and a Research Assistant Professor at the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, University of Waterloo, Dr. Hilbrecht conducted research with academic, local government and not-for-profit partners on wellbeing in diverse communities across Canada. Her theoretical and empirical knowledge of wellbeing will contribute to the Vanier Institute’s continuing work on the wellbeing of families.

Before joining us at the Vanier Institute, Dr. Hilbrecht was the Director, Knowledge Management, then Academic Director of GREO, a knowledge translation and exchange organization. She worked with an extensive network of national and international researchers to share evidence about preventing and reducing harm from gambling, including its impact on older adults’ quality of life and on family wellbeing.

As Executive Director of the Vanier Institute, she has set as a priority the activation and dissemination of knowledge of family diversities and wellbeing in Canada.

“Margo brings to the Vanier Institute experience with research on family wellbeing, work–life integration, time use, and quality of life, which will make invaluable contributions to our work on family diversities and family wellbeing moving forward,” said the Institute’s Board Chair, Marie Vaillancourt. “We are thrilled to have her join the Institute, where she will build on our capacity to strengthen the national understanding of families and family life in Canada.”

Welcome aboard, Margo!

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