Lucie Legault

Administration and Office Manager

Lucie Legault is the Vanier Institute’s longest-serving employee, having joined the staff team in 1982. Lucie is likely your first contact with the Institute whether you call or visit the office in Ottawa, whether you speak English or French, whether you are making a contribution or a purchase, and whether you are contacting us from Canada or elsewhere around the world. Lucie maintains relationships with donors, subscribers, suppliers, vendors, and Staff Team Alumni Members. She manages the office and makes our guests feel welcome and at home.

Lucie has played many important roles as the Vanier Institute has evolved and grown. At conferences, community meetings, roundtables and special events, hosted and/or attended by the Vanier Institute, Lucie can be found at the Vanier Institute’s display booth sharing information and material about our vision, mission, program and our 50-year history.

In 2012, Lucie was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her long-term commitment and significant contributions to the Vanier Institute.

Lucie lives in Ottawa and is an avid lover of nature, hiking, cycling, skiing and snorkelling, getting outside and being active whenever she gets the chance.

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