General Social Survey: A Family Lens

Throughout 2018, the Vanier Institute of the Family continued to work in close partnership with Statistics Canada on the release of new research on families from the 2017 General Social Survey (GSS), providing the “family lens” in preparation of all key releases.

Below you can access the Vanier Institute’s blogs and resources featuring data highlighted from the 2017 GSS.

A Snapshot of Grandparents in Canada (May 2019 Update)

In Focus 2019: Coupling, Uncoupling and Marital Status (May 2019)

In Focus 2019: Long-lasting Relationships in Canada (March 2019)

In Focus 2019: Living Alone in Canada (March 2019)

In Focus 2019: Couples Living Apart in Canada (February 2019)

In Focus 2019: Adults Living with Parents (February 2019)

In Focus 2019: Grandparents in Canada (February 2019)