Grand-Families in Canada Partnership

Grandparents and great-grandparents make significant contributions to family well-being in Canada. In some families, they play an integral role in family life and take a lead role in raising their grandchildren in a grand-family. Grand-families are diverse, unique and an important part of Canada’s family landscape.

The Vanier Institute of the Family is partnering with the University of Prince Edward Island and Building GRAND-Families Inc. to increase our understanding of grand-families in PEI and how optimize grand-family well-being.

This innovative two-year collaboration will engage a network of support groups to bring together those who serve families, researchers, community organizations and the general public to increase the understanding of how to optimize family well-being in PEI and across Canada.


  • Build awareness of grand-families and their unique experiences raising their grandchildren
  • Build capacity of community organizations that focus on or work with children to recognize and be inclusive of grand-families, such as schools, clubs and child care centres
  • Build competency of professionals, practitioners and providers such as educators, school guidance counsellors, and health care and mental health therapists
  • Build community of grand-families across PEI


  • The Grand-Families in Canada Partnership will continue until Spring 2022.


  • Lynne Steele, The Vanier Institute of the Family


  • Christina Murray, RN, PhD, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Don Avery, PhD, Building GRAND-Families Inc.
  • Jennifer Kaddatz, The Vanier Institute of the Family
  • Nora Spinks, The Vanier Institute of the Family

Project Partners

  • Building GRAND-Families Inc.
  • University of Prince Edward Island



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