Fund Development Policy

Fund Development Policy

Last Reviewed: September 23, 2013
Last Revised: September 23, 2013
Approved: September 23, 2013
Next Planned Review: Fall 2014
Revision History: n/a

The Institute raises funds by accepting donations or gifts. The Fund Development Policy should be considered in conjunction with the following:

  • Donation Acceptance Policy
  • Fund Naming Policy
  • Endowment Development Policy
  • Family Legacy Fund Policy


  1. The Institute will only accept donations for purposes that are consistent with our mission, vision and values.
  2.  Volunteers, Team Members or third parties who receive funds on behalf of the organization must act with fairness, integrity, and in accordance with all applicable laws.
  3. The Institute will cease contacting a prospective donor who states that he/she does not wish to be contacted; disclose immediately to the Institute any actual or apparent (perceived) conflict of interest or loyalty.
  4. All fundraising activities conducted by or on behalf of the organization must: be truthful, accurately describe the organization’s activities, disclose the organization’s name, disclose the purpose for which funds are requested, disclose the organization’s policy with respect to issuing Official Income Tax receipts including any policy on minimum amounts for which a receipt will be issued; and, disclose, upon request, whether the individual or entity seeking donations is a volunteer, employee or contracted third party.
  5. The organization does not use fundraisers, engage in face-to-face fundraising or cause-related marketing nor does it use fundraising materials.

Treatment of Donors and Donor Information

The Institute honours donors’ and prospective donors’ requests to:

  • limit the frequency of contact
  • be contacted by means of their choosing (telephone, email, mail, etc.) and in the official language of their choosing (French or English)
  • receive printed material concerning the organization
  • discontinue contact
  • remain anonymous

The Institute respects the privacy of donors. Donor records are kept confidential to the greatest extent possible. Donors have the right to see their own donor record and to review it for its accuracy.

The Institute does not sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise share its donor list.

The organization also encourages donors to seek independent advice if the proposed gift is a Planned Gift. Please refer to the Planned Gift Policy for more information on planned giving.


To demonstrate transparency and accountability, the Institute posts a variety of information on the organization on our website. Information posted on our website includes our financial statements; annual reports; link to our Registered Charity Information Return (T3010); list of members of our Board of Directors; Compliments, Comments or Complaints Policy; Privacy Policy; Investment Policy; Donation Acceptance Policy and Fund Naming Policy.

The organization provides, upon request, its best available information on gross revenue, net proceeds and costs of any fundraising activity (including the fundraising costs categorized as education and/or public awareness).

Issuance of Receipts

Tax receipts will be prepared and issued in accordance with the guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency. The Institute will issue an official receipt for all donations that qualify as charitable gifts. If, following internal consultations, uncertainty remains as to whether a donation qualifies as a charitable gift, a ruling may be sought from legal counsel, independent counsel and/or the CRA.

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Fundraising Standards

The Institute complies with the Fundraising Standards as outlined in the level 2 of the Imagine Canada Standards Program.

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