External Report: “Live-in Caregivers in Fort McMurray: A Socioeconomic Footprint”

Since 2012, On the Move, a research partnership that includes the Vanier Institute of the Family and 40 researchers from across Canada and around the world, has been studying how employment-related geographic mobility (ERGM) affects households and communities, and influences and impacts Canadian prosperity. Among those affected by ERGM are live-in caregivers (LICs) – foreign nationals living in Canadian homes who are employed to provide child or adult care.

In this 2015 report, researchers at the University of Alberta explore the importance of LICs to the oil sands region of northern Alberta and examine their work experiences, life plans and views on Canada’s immigration policies in light of changes made to the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) announced in November 2014.

Full Report (PDF)

Report Overview (PDF)

Media Release (PDF)

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