Claire Jiang joins the Vanier Institute as Communications Coordinator

The Vanier Institute is pleased to welcome a new Communications Coordinator, Claire Jiang, to our team.

July 5, 2022

As Communications Coordinator, Claire Jiang is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring the Vanier Institute’s communication and social media strategies, as well as supporting online and in-person events. She also assists with knowledge mobilization, helping to advance understanding of families in Canada among diverse stakeholder audiences.

Claire has over seven years of experience as a dedicated marketing professional. Through digital and traditional marketing initiatives, she helped increase brand awareness and audience engagement for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. These activities have enhanced her knowledge and ability to think strategically about marketing and communication, and how they can be effectively applied to the non-profit sector.

As a mother of two, Claire has built up her own brands dedicated to providing healthy diets to children and families.

Prior to joining the Vanier Institute, Claire worked for a marketing firm that offered digital communication strategies to global clients.

Welcome aboard, Claire!


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