Canadian Family Well-being Knowledge Hub

Leveraging success, scaling capability, and empowering communities to optimize family well-being in Canada

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Families in Canada are diverse, complex and evolving, and are impacted by policies and programs delivered by all levels of government and in communities and workplaces across the country. In this vast, diverse, and rapidly evolving country, it can be difficult for those who study, serve and support families to continuously monitor and research policy and program innovation, development, implementation and assessment

Massive growth in the volume, velocity and variety of data – along with a growing emphasis on innovation, accountability, efficiency and impact – have fundamentally altered the landscape for those who study, serve and support families and increased the value of data. As a result, there is a growing need and demand among decision makers, researchers and organizations across Canada for a comprehensive, carefully and strategically curated repository of leading and emerging policies, programs and services

BUILDING ON and SCALING a Successful Pilot Project

Building on decades of work by the Caledon Institute,1 in 2019–2020 the Vanier Institute of the Family developed and deployed the Canadian Family Policy Monitor (the “Monitor”) with a small grant from the Government of Canada. This project curates, synthesizes, organizes and mobilizes policy announcements. 

As an online policy/program resource bank, the Policy Monitor is evolving into a Canadian Family Well-being Knowledge Hub, highlighting leading and emerging community, social and economic developments of interest and/or of importance to families and family life. The Policy Monitor currently includes federal and provincial/territorial government and community and workplace policies, programs and initiatives.

The Knowledge Hub informs and inspires policy makers and service providers, increases efficiency of program development, builds communities by connecting people with shared interests, recognizes and celebrates innovation and success, and expedites evidence-based policy/program development and delivery. 

Evidence-driven transformation of the Family Well-being Knowledge Hub will scale to increase the reach of strategies, policies, programs and organizations related to families and family well-being in Canada. Knowledge translation, mobilization and activation facilitates evidence-informed decision making; evidence-based practices, protocols and procedures; and evidence-inspired creativity and innovation to optimize recovery in a post-COVID Canada.


  • Available, accessible and high-quality information
  • Greater appreciation of community policies, programs, practices, innovations
  • Local applications of new methods, inspirations, innovations, knowledge
  • Benchmarking with international best and leading practices


  1. The Caledon Institute of Social Policy wound down its day-to-day operations in November 2017 after 25 years as a leader in the development of evidence- and data-based social policy in Canada. Caledon handed over their Policy Monitor publication to the Vanier Institute, and it has since evolved into the Canadian Family Policy Monitor.


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