On March 27 and 28, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario, the Vanier Institute of the Family will host the Families in Canada Conference 2019 – a national, pan-Canadian conference with simultaneous satellite regional conferences co-hosted by university partners across the country.

The Vanier Institute is currently calling for presentations, abstracts and posters from researchers from disciplines, backgrounds and professions who will bring their unique perspectives to important discussions about measuring and optimizing family well-being in the context of “Big Data.”

Download the Call for Presentations, Abstracts and Posters for the Families in Canada Conference 2019


We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, with unparalleled access to data about families and family life. This era of “Big Data” has had a significant impact on population research, fuelled by the growing use of new sources of personal information (e.g. digitized records and services, data from smart devices and social media), a virtually unlimited capacity to store data (e.g. reductions in the cost and physical size of devices, parallel increases), improved record linkage techniques and advanced analytical computer programs that can learn from and make predictions on data. Simply put, there have never been greater possibilities and opportunities for analyzing data and understanding families in Canada.

Analyzing and understanding the diverse ways families interact with, have an impact on and are affected by social, economic, cultural and environmental forces is an essential step in the development of effective and inclusive policies, programs and practices to optimize family well-being.

Building a Canada where families engage and thrive in a caring and compassionate society, with a robust and prosperous economy, in an inclusive and vibrant culture, and in a safe and sustainable environment requires BIG IDEAS

BIG IDEAS for learning about families:

  • Exploring families and family life through diverse, evolving, unconventional and emerging data sources (and combinations of sources)
  • Embracing new research methods and facilitating interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches for richer analysis
  • Broadening our understanding of what “family is” to ensure diverse experiences and perspectives are included

BIG IDEAS for facilitating family well-being:

  • Measuring “family well-being”
  • Building the research and knowledge networks necessary to support the development of evidence-based, evidence-informed and evidence-inspired policies, programs and practices

Guided by this year’s theme – THINK BIG! – diverse leaders from multiple fields and disciplines who study, serve and support families will gather at the Families in Canada Conference 2019 for two days of knowledge-sharing and catalytic conversation.

We are accepting proposals for oral presentations, abstracts and posters for a broad range of themes/topics related to families and family life. More details, including a theme/topic list, selection criteria and contact information, can be found in the Call for Presentations, Abstracts and Posters, which can be downloaded below. Please share!

Download the Call for Presentations, Abstracts and Posters for the Families in Canada Conference 2019


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Published on September 27, 2018