Annual Report 2017–2018 Now Available!

Access the Vanier Institute’s Annual Report 2017–2018

It’s been a year of building momentum at the Vanier Institute of the Family, as we’ve progressed on all our strategic directions and themes by working with key stakeholders who study, serve and support families in Canada.

As Canada’s national resource on families in Canada, we provided a critical “family lens” to many important conversations taking place as Census releases continued throughout 2017. We leveraged this new data to create resources such as A Snapshot of Family Diversity in Canada and the Families in Canada Interactive Timeline.

Collaboration and cooperation have been key to our success in exploring the diversity and complexity of families in Canada. As part of the On the Move Partnership, we highlighted emerging research on family mobility at the Families, Mobility, and Work Atlantic Canadian Symposium and in a new publication, Work and Family: The Impact of Mobility, Scheduling and Precariousness.

For more than 50 years, relationships have been central to the Vanier Institute’s focus on driving research to practice. We worked with Statistics Canada to tell the “stories behind the statistics” about families and family life in Canada. In collaboration with members of the Canadian Military and Veteran Families Leadership Circle, we co-created resources such as What Does the Term “Military Family” Mean?

We engaged with the public and stakeholders through presentations and in local, national and international media to share research and evidence-based insights. We also mobilized and shared research and knowledge on diverse family experiences that aren’t captured in the Census, including (but not limited to) death and dying, grandparent health and senior caregivers.

It’s a time of great excitement at the Vanier Institute, with preparations underway for the Families in Canada Conference 2019 – a national, pan-Canadian event co-hosted by university partners across the country. Building on the Vanier Board’s strategic process called THINK BIG, the conference program will explore how we can use “Big Data” to inform and inspire big ideas to optimize family well-being in Canada. Join us March 27 and 28, 2019, in Ottawa or at one of our many satellite locations across the country.

Learn more about the Vanier Institute’s activities, projects and publications over the past year in the 2017–2018 Annual Report!


Published on November 20, 2018

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