Sara MacNaull

Program Director

Sara MacNaullSara joined the Vanier Institute in December 2007. As the Program Director, she manages a variety of research and knowledge mobilization projects, networks and partnerships. She facilitates the engagement of Vanier Alumni Network members, providing a platform for retired Vanier Institute Board members and executives emeriti to continue to make a contribution to the Vanier Institute’s success.

In addition to projects and networks, Sara also leads many of the special events organized by the Vanier Institute, such as the national Families in Canada Listening Tour in 2014–2015, the Families in Canada Conference 2015 and the upcoming Families in Canada Conference 2019. Sara is a regular contributor of Transition articles and has also written many Fascinating Families publications.

She has a master’s degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton University in Ottawa and is a work–life certified professional.

Sara lives in Ottawa with her spouse and their two young daughters.