Sample Presentations

Nora Spinks has given hundreds of keynote presentations to diverse audiences in the private, public, broader public and voluntary sectors. She has spoken to executive teams, HR professionals, lawyers, accountants, health care professionals, public officials, managers, employees and students.

Nora’s presentation style is accessible, friendly and fun. She combines evidence-based practices and stories of success that provide examples of how individuals and organizations apply both strategies and the accompanying techniques to achieve success. The depth of data provided is sufficient to support her ideas while continuing to connect with the audience. Nora will engage the audience to varying degrees based on time, organizational culture and event objectives.

Note that each presentation is customized to the audience and event objective.

Modern Families in Canada

Families may look different today, but families are more alike when the focus is on what families do. How they “do” what families do continues to evolve. Learn what’s new about families, family experience and family life and hear about what to expect in the coming years.

Caregiving and Work

As the population ages, workforce diversity increases, families become more complex and community resources shrink, the challenges of combining work and caring for an ill, disabled, injured, aging or palliative adult family member will be a reality for a much larger proportion of the workforce. For managers, this can mean unpredictable absences, difficulty reaching goals and meeting objectives, and distracted or exhausted workers. Learn how this emerging reality is impacting your employees and your organization and how organizations are responding in order to keep their employees productive at work and engaged while they fulfill their caregiving responsibilities at home.

Leveraging Generational Diversity

For the first time ever, there are five (soon to be six) generations working side by side in our workplaces; each with their own perspectives, experiences and attitudes. Working effectively across generations can be frustrating or exhilarating. Learn how to leverage the generational diversity to enhance performance, increase productivity and maximize efficiency.

Mental Health in the Workplace: What? So What? Now What?

Explore mental health in the workplace; learn what’s new regarding legislation, regulation and voluntary standards; gather information on leading and promising practices; hear about proven management techniques that demonstrate genuine concern. Learn to observe and interpret behaviours in the workplace that might be related to mental health, take appropriate action and learn what to do, what to say and how to say it. Learn how to remain focused on work performance, maintain privacy and confidentiality, and be supportive without becoming stressed yourself. Gather valuable insights and information, effective tools and techniques, and successful strategies and solutions.

Work and Family: Energize, Strategize, Maximize

Positive, supportive and effective work environments are essential for individual and organizational success. Learn how you can help to create a work environment where everyone is able to reach their full potential, achieve their personal and professional career objectives, and realize their dreams and aspirations – without fear, guilt, anxiety or regret. Gather information and gain insights into the world of work and today’s diverse workforce. Hear how organizations create positive, high-performing and highly productive work environments where everyone is engaged, included and supported. Take away a strategic frame, practical tactics, proven techniques and simple suggestions that you can apply in your life and your workplace.

Workload Unplugged

Is your workload increasing or becoming unmanageable? Do you feel your life is spinning out of control? When you understand the driving forces and implement proven workload management strategies and work–life practices, you will meet increasing stakeholder expectations and be able to maximize individual and organizational resiliency. Learn to deconstruct and demystify workload, and learn how high performing individuals and leading organizations are producing results and energy and achieving success and harmony.


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