Kelly J. Lendsay


Kelly J. Lendsay joined the Vanier Institute’s Board of Directors in 2013, where he served as a Director until he was elected as Board Chair in June 2018.

A proud Indigenous leader of Canadian Cree, Métis and European ancestry, Kelly is a social entrepreneur who is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s foremost innovators of Indigenous workplace inclusion, diversity and partnership building.

Kelly is the inaugural president and CEO of Indigenous Works, where he has successfully led the charge since 1998 to grow and engage corporate Canada in Indigenous workplace inclusion. The council helps employers improve their workplace performance and increase their engagements and partnerships with Aboriginal people, businesses and communities. He also leads the council’s new national charity, Kocihta, created to empower Indigenous youth to reach their human resource and career potential.

The University of Saskatchewan has named Kelly as one of their “100 Alumni of Influence” whose accomplishments have been recognized for influencing the growth and development of the university, the province and the world during the last century.

Kelly is married, and he is a proud father of five.