Transition explores the diversity and complexity of families and the reality of family life in Canada. Produced in English and French, Transition features contributions by field experts and academics to keep readers updated on a variety of family-related topics.

Transition has been one of the Vanier Institute’s key resources over the decades. This publication has been read by researchers, educators, students, journalists, family service workers, policy makers and parents interested in the stories and statistics behind families, family life and family experiences, expectations and aspirations across the country.

Below you can find the Transition archive of online and print articles. Note that as of January 2016, Transition is exclusively an online publication (titles below are hyperlinked). Individual articles and complete editions from 2013 to 2015 are also available below in PDF format. For issues published before 2013, contact the Editor.






Vol. 45 No. 1 Sleep, Family Meals, Family Formation 


Vol. 45 No. 2 50 Years: Looking Back, Looking Forward 


Vol. 45 No. 3 Family Law, Parenting and Diversity 


Vol. 45 No. 4 Modern Relationships, Birth, Flexible Work Arrangements 


Other Articles:



Vol. 44 No. 1 Family, Privacy, Community and Care (PDF)

  • Strong Families, Healthy Communities, Nora Spinks (PDF)
  • Putting the “F” in EFAP: The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health Supports, Craig Thompson (PDF)
  • OFF THE VANIER BOOKSHELF: Mogul, Mom, & Maid – The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman (Liz O’Donnell) by Sara MacNaull (PDF)
  • To Share or Not to Share: Online Privacy and Publicity Among Canadian Youth, Matthew Johnson (PDF)
  • Caring Canines: Therapy Dogs and Well-Being, Paula Cayley (PDF)
  • Marking a Moment in Time, Nicole Kennedy (PDF)
  • FACTS AND STATS: Multiple Births in Canada (PDF)


Vol. 44 No. 2 Modern Fatherhood, Aging, Caregiving (PDF)


Vol. 44 No. 3 Family Aspirations, Finances, Work 


Vol. 44 No. 4 Demographics, Ageism, Family Violence 



Vol. 43 No. 1 Military Families, Communications and Media (PDF)

  • Caring for Each Other, Together and Apart: Military Families in Canada, Vicky Snyder (PDF)
  • Dividing Matrimonial Property: Common-Law Partners Still Excluded from Property Laws, Rollie Thompson (PDF)
  • Strengthening Ties Through Technology, Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • Elder Meditation for Stronger Family Identity, Elizabeth Sterritt (PDF)
  • OFF THE VANIER BOOKSHELF: Father Involvement in Canada: Diversity, Renewal, and Transformation (Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly, Eds.), Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • “Gambling with Our (Kids’) Futures” Revisited, Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • Young Carers Gaining Visibility in Canada, Vass Bednar (PDF)
  • FACTS AND STATS: Family Businesses (PDF)


Vol. 43 No. 2 Prolonged Parenting, Modern Families (PDF)

  • Modern Family Is…, Nora Spinks (PDF)
  • Prolonged Parenting: Extending the Limits of Active Parenting, Kerry Daly (PDF)
  • OFF THE VANIER BOOKSHELF: Reshaping the Work–Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter (Joan C. Williams), Sara MacNaull (PDF)
  • Modern Families, Modern Living Arrangements – Part 1: Living Apart Together, Jenni Tipper (PDF)
  • Modern Families, Modern Living Arrangements – Part 2: Living Together Apart by Jenni Tipper (PDF)
  • Coping with Cancer: The Challenges Men Face, Lisa M. Wenger (PDF)
  • Meet the Roommates: Mom and Dad, Alena Novoa (PDF)
  • Sharing the Double Burden: A New Model of Domestic Happiness by Roderic Beaujot, Zenaida Ravanera and Jianye Liu (PDF)
  • When Cupboards Are Bare: Food Insecurity and Public Health, Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • FACTS AND STATS: Video Gaming in Canada (PDF)


Vol. 43 No. 3 Youth Online in Canada, Multigenerational Living (PDF)

  • The 200-Year Present, Nora Spinks (PDF)
  • Connected, Mobile and Social: The Online Lives of Canadian Youth, Matthew Johnson (PDF)
  • OFF THE VANIER BOOKSHELF: Valuing Children: Rethinking the Economics of the Family (Nancy Folbre), Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • In It Together: Multigenerational Living in Canada, Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • Charities and Non-Profits: A Strategic Component of Canada’s Success, Brian Emmett (PDF)
  • The Canadian Death Experience: Summary of Death, Dying and Canadian Families by Audrey Miller (PDF)
  • Canada’s Military Families and the Military Family Services Program, Roxanna Gumiela (PDF)
  • FACTS AND STATS: Commuting in Canada (PDF)


Vol. 43 No. 4 Uniqueness, Bias and Inclusion (PDF)

  • Families in Canada: Adaptive and Resilient, Nora Spinks (PDF)
  • Celebrating Ian: A Unique Parenting Experience, Ann Douglas (PDF)
  • OFF THE VANIER BOOKSHELF: Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity (Andrew Solomon), Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Understanding the Impact of Unconscious Bias, Nora Spinks and Nathan Battams (PDF)
  • Life After Work: Retirement and the Health + Wealth Equation, Aru Sharma (PDF)
  • Wealth and Well-Being Among Canada’s Children, Carol Matusicky (PDF)
  • Fit and Fun as a Family, Laura Zuccaro (PDF)
  • Beyond Ramps: The Language of Ableism, Sharon Caldwell (PDF)
  • FACTS AND STATS: Volunteering in Canada (PDF)