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Infographics and Timelines

Our infographics and timelines offer readers a statistical glance and up-to-date information on some of the trends affecting Canadian families today. This feature is designed for journalists, educators, students and anyone interested in how the Canadian family experience has changed over the years.


Modern Couples in Canada: 2016 Census Update (August 2017) (infographic)

Women, Caregiving and Work in Canada (March 2017) (infographic)

Students and Family Finances in Canada (September 2016) (infographic)

Fifty Years of Men, Work and Family in Canada (June 2016) (timeline)

Fifty Years of Women, Work and Family in Canada (May 2016) (timeline)

Family Diversity in Canada 2016 (May 2016) (infographic)

50 Years of Families in Canada (February 2016) (timeline)

Post-Secondary Education in Canada (June 2014) (infographic)

The Economic Well-being of Women in Canada (July 2013) (infographic)

Census 2011: What’s New (April 2013) (infographic)

House and Home: Then & Now (March 2013) (infographic)