Understanding the Impact of Fort McMurray Wildfires on Foreign National Family Caregivers

On the Move has published a new report exploring the impact of the Fort McMurray wildfire on the live-in caregivers in the region.

External Report: “Workflex and Manufacturing Guide: More Than a Dream”

Published by When Work Works (authors: Kenneth Matos and Eve Tahmincioglu)

Employers typically require some degree of flexibility from their employees to meet their organizational needs, but employees require some flexibility of their own to manage family responsibilities. […]

The “Oldest Old” Are Changing Canada

In 1971, there were 139,000 Canadians aged 85 and over. By 2013, their numbers had risen to 702,000. The Oldest Old, as they have become known today, represent 2% of the total Canadian population. “They […]

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External Report: “Live-in Caregivers in Fort McMurray: A Socioeconomic Footprint”

Since 2012, On the Move, a research partnership that includes the Vanier Institute of the Family and 40 researchers from across Canada and around the world, has been studying how employment-related geographic mobility […]