Modern Relationships, Birth, Flexible Work Arrangements (Transition, Vol. 45 No. 4)

Just as families continually evolve and adapt to their ever-changing environments, Transition magazine is undergoing an evolution of its own. Starting in January 2016, it will become a fully digital publication that will maintain its reputation as an engaging […]

Family Law, Parenting and Diversity (Transition, Vol. 45 No. 3)

The new edition of Transition magazine is available to download! From divorce proceedings to diversity, this issue of Transition looks at the effects that law, health and relationships can have on families – and finds positive impacts abound.

On […]

External Report: “Workflex and Manufacturing Guide: More Than a Dream”

Published by When Work Works (authors: Kenneth Matos and Eve Tahmincioglu)

Employers typically require some degree of flexibility from their employees to meet their organizational needs, but employees require some flexibility of their own to manage family responsibilities. […]

Suggested Reading: “‘I Don’t Have Time for This!’: A Compassionate Guide to Caring for Your Parents and Yourself” | aging

By Katherine Arnup, PhD

Aging, illness and dying are realities that we all will face at some point, in our family circles and ultimately in our own lives. Despite this fact of life, most people in […]

External Report: “Live-in Caregivers in Fort McMurray: A Socioeconomic Footprint”

Since 2012, On the Move, a research partnership that includes the Vanier Institute of the Family and 40 researchers from across Canada and around the world, has been studying how employment-related geographic mobility […]