Financial Literacy Across Generations

November is Financial Literacy Month, an initiative aimed at helping people across Canada learn how to manage financial resources and debt to facilitate planning and saving for the future. This week’s blog […]

Canada’s Military Families and the Military Family Services Program

Roxanna Gumiela, RECE, BA, MPA

Canadian families have become increasingly diverse, as social, economic and demographic shifts have led to a greater recognition of the many family types that contribute to the fabric of Canadian society. One such family type […]

The Online Lives of Canadian Youth

Matthew Johnson

November 2–6 is Media Literacy Week, an event that highlights the importance of teaching children and teens digital and media literacy skills to ensure their interactions with media are positive and enriching. In this week’s […]

Families and Work in Canada

Nora Spinks and Nathan Battams

Families in Canada are diverse, complex and dynamic. The family is society’s most adaptable institution, always reacting to the social, economic, environmental and cultural forces that shape the contexts in which […]

Caring Enough to Flex, Flexing Enough to Care

Sara MacNaull

October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, an occasion for highlighting the importance of workplace health for the success of organizations and the well-being of their employees and their families. In this […]