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June 12, 2019

Statistics Canada Receives 2019 Mirabelli-Glossop Award

The Vanier Institute of the Family is pleased to announce that Statistics Canada is the recipient of the 2019 Mirabelli-Glossop Award for Distinguished Contribution!

Named after Vanier Institute executive emeriti Alan Mirabelli (former Executive Director of Administration, 1975–2007) and Dr. Robert Glossop (former Executive Director of Research and Programs, 1975–2006), this award is presented in recognition of exceptional and sustained contributions to the work of the Institute. To be recognized, contributions must be made in-kind and serve to enhance the Institute’s commitment to enhancing the national understanding of families in Canada.

Over the past several years, Statistics Canada has made significant and diverse contributions to family research, working directly with the Vanier Institute as a trusted partner to generate, analyze and disseminate quality research and data on families in Canada from the Census and General Social Survey.

While the Mirabelli-Glossop Award for Distinguished Contribution has traditionally been awarded to individuals, this year it’s being bestowed on Statistics Canada as a whole, since the contributions to the Vanier Institute’s work resulted from the sustained efforts of leaders and researchers from multiple departments within the organization, all of whom worked together with the Institute to strengthen family research and analysis.

The contributions of Statistics Canada to the national understanding of families in Canada include the Family Matters publication series, which mobilizes and shares data from the 2017 General Social Survey on a variety of topics related to families and family life, including (but not limited to) grandparents, adults living with their parents, couples who live in separate homes, parental leave and people who live alone.

Vanier Institute CEO Nora Spinks presented the award at a ceremony held on June 11, 2019 at the office of the Vanier Institute of the Family in Ottawa, Ontario.

Congratulations to the team at Statistics Canada!

Published on June 12, 2019