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Alan Mirabelli Memorial Page

Alan Mirabelli (1948–2017) was a devoted member of the Vanier Institute team for more than 30 years, serving as Executive Director of Administration and Director of Communications. He joined the Institute in 1975 – alongside his “partner-in-crime,” Bob Glossop – and retired in 2007, after many years of dedication to families in Canada.

While Alan is well known for his dedicated and distinguished career of enhancing the national understanding of families in Canada, he was equally remarkable for his artistic talent, which he expressed through photography.

Alan embraced photography as a means of finding peace, exploring and nurturing his creative side, and ultimately to better knowing oneself. To him, photography was a means of “looking outward to see within,” a contemplative and meditative process that was an end in its own right but also a means of self-reflection that became increasingly important to him throughout his life until his death.

Alan was a dear friend, colleague and mentor. He will be greatly missed by many. His contributions and legacy at the Vanier Institute of the Family will live on forever.

“Mr. Mirabelli was a gift to this world and our collective hearts. Alan was a dear friend and mentor to me throughout my career. This all around great guy was a brilliant social scientist and, most importantly, one high-calibre human being. He will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to Alan’s family and friends.”
– Reader comment, In Memoriam: Alan Mirabelli

“Alan brought lively presentations, concepts and proposals to the table during my time as a board member with the Vanier Institute. I recall one of our Vanier dinners, at which Alan sat at “our” table of six or so board members. He shared lively stories regarding his life, travels and adventures. Lots of laughter. Soon we (board members who met twice a year) shared our stories about our lives and the goings on in Winnipeg, Halifax, Vancouver, Saskatoon, including others from across this vast country. Farewell, Alan.”
– Dr. Judith Martin, Board Member, 2000–2008

“Alan was a complex combination of many things to those who knew him: friend, colleague, mentor, author, lecturer, advocate, administrator, teacher, storyteller, craftsman, artist, father, grandfather, community builder, inspirer, the conscience of a nation in regard to families and a dignified man during his life, especially so in the manner of his leaving it.”
– Al MacKay (former Board member, President and interim Executive Director of the Vanier Institute), Remembering Alan Mirabelli