Nora Spinks (ext. 214)
Chief Executive OfficerNora Spinks

Nora joined the Vanier Institute in 2011, where she currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. Throughout her career, Nora has engaged the research community to mobilize knowledge and connect those who study, serve and support Canada’s diverse families. She has expanded the Vanier Institute’s reach by speaking at many community and corporate events, on social media, through Vanier Institute publications. more


Nathan Battams (ext. 218)
Publications, Communications and Social MediaNathan Battams

Nathan joined the Vanier Institute in 2012. He is currently responsible for publications, communications and social media. Nathan manages the Vanier Institute’s growing social media network on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing information, insights and inspiration about families, family life and Vanier Institute publications and projects. more


Sara MacNaull (ext. 219)
Program DirectorSara MacNaull

Sara joined the Vanier Institute in December 2007. As the Program Director, she manages a variety of research and knowledge mobilization projects, networks and partnerships. more



Lucie Legault (ext. 211)
Administrative AssistantLucie Legault

Lucie is the Vanier Institute’s longest-serving employee, having joined the staff team in 1982. Lucie is likely your first contact with the Institute whether you call or visit the office in Ottawa. more



Marie-Andrée Leroux (ext. 213)
Executive AssistantMarie-Andrée Leroux

Marie-Andrée joined the Vanier Institute in January 2015. She is currently responsible for supporting the Vanier Institute’s CEO and the Board of Directors. more